Quest for perfection

The result is our Duffy’s Coffee: a Belgian premium coffee with an adventurous character, formulated and perfected after years of tasting, comparing and testing to achieve the ideal coffee, exactly the way we want it.

For each moment

Because after an effort, nothing beats relaxing with a delicious cup of coffee and a pancake, to reminisce and to exchange stories. Our coffee is a complex but balanced blend made of carefully selected Arabica beans from Ethiopia, Guatemala, Brazil, Burundi and Colombia. Duffy’s Coffee’s soft character is ideal for any time of the day, as a booster before a brisk bike ride, but just as well for a relaxing conversation among friends, in which we vividly relive our best stories.

Made with love

Duffy’s Coffee is a local business in the Flemish Ardennes. Our coffee is not mass production but is produced on a small scale with love, pride and passion.
The soft but punchy blend is made by and for extraordinary people, adventurers and bon vivants.

Over de makers

Like attracts like, they say. If that’s true, it was inevitable that Bart and Duffy would bump into each other eventually.

More about us

Over de koffie

Duffy’s Coffee is a true Belgian coffee, pure craftsmanship from the Flemish Ardennes. Here, quality and love for coffee come first. Thanks to the small scale approach, Duffy’s can monitor and maintain an excellent quality.

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